Disabling echo cancellation to stop echo

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Hello, Most of the time Zoiper works brilliantly. However, intermittently the other party reports hearing an echo. It doesn't matter if it's an outgoing or incoming call and it's not always the same number involved. I don't hear the echo unless I make a recording and then I can hear it on playback.

I did some looking around on the forums here and I saw where someone suggested disabling "echo cancellation" in Zoiper.

When disabling echo cancellation in Zoiper, can I do it during a call?  Or do have to do it then start a new call or do I have to restart Zoiper?

Are there any other recommendations when trying to resolve this issue?  I've double checked with the voip-number supplier (DIDWW) and they've checked the number and they don't hear an echo.  They also say that the default Zoiper setup/configuration should work fine.

Again it's intermittent when it happens but it's really annoying when it crops up as I use voip for business calls.

I don't know if this is relevant but it's always when I'm making an overseas call - where the other party is in the US and I'm in the UK.

Thanks for your assistance.



PS Here's the version of Zoiper5:

Phone version: Zoiper5 5.4.9 for Windows 64bit
Library revision: v2.10.11.7
Phone revision: 5.4.9
UI revision: 1.2.24
asked Feb 12, 2021 in Windows by jules (120 points)  

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