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Hello, folks.

Thanks for checking out my question.

Info: Zoiper v2.17.8 on a Samsung Galaxy S10 running Android version 10.

Everything used to work flawlessly for months, until....

For the past few weeks (maybe since the last Zoiper update on Jan 21, but I'm not certain), most of my Zoiper calls are fine until about 1:30 - 2 minutes into the call.

At that point, the app appears to show the call as still connected, but I cannot hear the other party of the call, and they cannot hear me.

When the issue starts occurring, the WiFi icon on the phone's notification bar shows only "upload" traffic (ie the little arrow pointing upwards displays constantly under the signal bars, and the arrow pointing down does not display at all), and the WiFi on the phone is unusable - no websites load, etc.

When I reconnect the WiFi manually, everything comes back online and I can make/receive calls again. 

But the issue offer recurs with the next call, or the call after that - it is happening with the majority of Zoiper calls, but a few have been fine for >2:30.

The issue doesn't happen any other time that I'm using the phone for calls or data, only during SIP calls (for which I only use Zoiper), and only the past couple of weeks. I'll also try Zoiper through LTE to see if a similar issue happens - waiting to test that still.

Has anyone else experienced the same?
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