How do I stop all calls going to my IOS device?

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I have Voiper Biz softphone client on my laptop which i use for my eevryday uses. I have just installed the IOS client on my iphone 5s, now ALL calls go through my iphone and i can't seem to get them back to my laptop client. If i unregster the account in the app it still seems to take all of the calls. the only way i can resolve is to delete the app.


asked Nov 19, 2015 in iOS by Stuart Ganderton (120 points)  

1 Answer

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It is not recommended to use the same account on more than one app at the same time. You will need a second account associated to that extension to be able to receive calls on both devices.

Usually, the calls will be sent to the device that last registered the account. If the device unregisters the account, the calls will be sent to the last device that sent a re-registration request.

In your case, you need to unregister the account from the mobile device, then turn off zoiper on the mobile device, unregister the account on your desktop pc and then register it again.

answered Nov 19, 2015 by Katina (23,910 points)  
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