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Zoiper help says : "disable or enable STUN according to its current state", but

The menu is not accessible.
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You can find the settings for stun and or rport in the account settings, and then network settings.

The sliders should work, we have not received any reports about those sliders not working.

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Could you please advise us about how you have configured your account into Zoiper? Did you use the list of providers to provision the settings for yout account or you have scanned a QR-code?

Please note that when provisioning is used, the Network settings and the ones for the codecs cannot be changed afterwards

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Yes, I have been using the list of providers,sip gate gives advice to change local FTP- port to 5204, which did not work. They think there is a bug inside Zoiper program. 

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Please try configuring Zoiper manually, without the QR code. 

That way you should be able to change the settings for rport and stun, to see if it makes a difference. The issue should not be with Zoiper or the server, it is most likely an issue with the network topology.

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