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I have the latest free version and something really strange is happening. When people call me I am getting a dialing sound like when dialing someone instead of a typical ring. Does anyone know how to fix this? 

Thank you. 

- Richard

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This is a bit strange. Can you check what device is selected for "Ringing" in Audio settings? Look also for "ring trough PC speaker" and disable it. Is it still the same?

Ringing device is my USB phone which is "Speakers (2 - Plantronics .Audio 628 USB)

Ring through PC speaker is not checked. 

When I test the audio, I hear a ring tone through my USB phone but NOT when someone calls. 

I even rebuilt my PC to rule out any corruption as far as windows. 

Still when someone calls, I hear dialing sound instead of a ring. 

Do you have Lync installed and running? Can you try to disable "Use generic headset(HID,Jabra)?

I do not have Lync installed but do have OpenFire/Spark which is another chat program run on Linux Mint version. 

I disabled "Use generic headset(HID,Jabra), tested by calling and still a dialing sound comes through the USB phone. 

Is the issue present on Linux or Windows? There is a similar issue on Windows, but it is the first time I see such report for Linux. Which exact version of Zoiper are you using?

Issue is present on Windows 7 Pro SP1 with all windows updates installed. 

The chat program called Spark is installed on Windows but the overall database is on Linux Mint.

I don't think the chat program has any relevance.  

This is a Windows issue. 

Zoiper version is Zoiper Biz 3.9.32144 32 bit. 

This is a clean install of Zoiper version is Zoiper Biz 3.9.32144 32 bit. 

I have no idea why it is making this dialing noise and can't even get a custom ringtone to work. 

I still have this issue and was wondering if there is a resolution for it. 

Still when someone calls, I hear dialing sound instead of a ring. 

Can someone help? 

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Now I see you are using a Biz version. Can you send an email to the support team?

As a side note, since you are using Biz you can configure a custom ringtone. Supported file format is 8kHz, 16-bit Mono wave file. (.wav).

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What's the support team's email address? 

Where can I get a 8kHz, 16-bit Mono wave file? 


- Richard


the email is support_at_zoiper_dot_com

You can resample the file using Audacity, or send it to us and we will make it for you.

Hi Anton, 

I was able to make my own ring tone. 


- Richard

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