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When the contact list is displayed, I can click a contact to call him/her. But how can I choose a different phone number for the same contact if there are many numbers available?

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If there are multiple telephone numbers for a contact, just click on the contact in Zoiper and the softphone will offer a menu to select which one to use.

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I think this feature is broken on Android. I don't see a menu. The phone just call with the default phone number.

Please contact us on support@zoiper.com with more information on the phone model you are using and the android version you are using. On my nexus 5 with android 5, it works fine.

Upon better investigation I realize that the menu appears only if there is more than one phone number. I thought I was having more than one phone number for the contact I was testing for but I was wrong because this contact was having only one phone number. The application works as expected. Thank you and sorry this incident.

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