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Dear all,

I configured Zoiper on my windows laptop to use my SIP account without issue: account registers OK and calls can be made just fine.

Replicating this configuration on the Zoiper iPhone app however results in account to be registered OK but any calls end in 403 error.

Has anyone a suggestion of what I should be looking for?

What I have done so far:

- side by side checking of options between iPhone settings and laptop one

- Account registers OK on iphone, so I suppose network parameters should be OK

- re-arranged codecs list on iPhone to match the ordering on laptop version

Zoiper Windows version used:

community (free) 3.9.32144 32 bits - running on Windows 10 64 bits

Zoiper iPhone version used:

3.6.1 (regular version, not the premium version)

Happy to provide more infos if required. I exhausted the options I could think of to troubleshoot this issue.

help much appreciated

Kind Regards

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Error SIP 403 is received when  the server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it. Check with your VoIP provider for more details.

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I was having this same issue and found that although i had cut and paste the domain and proxy in it was slightly scrambled (appeared to have some spaces at the start of it that could not be deleted. After re-typing it it is now letting me login.

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