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As a first time user of Zoiper with Sipgate I am unable to ‘Register’ and suspect it is related to my router settings.

The front screen of Zoiper shows “SIP 401 - Unauthorised”

Clicking on the ‘click here for more information’ below the above message launches the browser but the Zoiper site reports a 404  - page missing!

“Settings” has the appropriate Sipgate UN/PW info set.

Zoiper is running on Win 7 and the internet service is routed via Ethernet through a Linksys E900 router running DD-WRT v24-sp2 (07/20/12) mini  (SVN revision 19519)

Are there any simple guides for the correct settings for DD-WRT? I already have PnP disabled.

Any kind assistance will be greatly appreciated!

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Error 401 is returned from the server. It is best to check with your VoIP provider for more details.

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Many thanks for your response, Ivan.

Thanks to your kind advice it made me look outside my local equipment and my first port-of-call was to check the username/password setup more closely.

I discovered that when double-clicking and copying my password as displayed on my VoIP provider's site, it collected a trailing blank which I had pasted into Zoiper - i.e   "xxxxx "   instead of "xxxxx".

Correcting this has enabled registration, so now the testing can begin!

I hope my error will possible help others!

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