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I was trying to add an account, it's asking me to choose a voip provider. I don't have one. And wanted to add whoever provides a free voip. So who do i choose?

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What exactly do you mean on free voip? Usually at all voip providers the internal calls (between extensions) are free. You need to pay just for the outbound calls.

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I am using Anveo as I believe it is the cheapest although not exactly free. Close to it.  I did not find their set up to be intuitive, but after reading the help files I figured it out and am using Zoiper on my computer as a phone. I also ported m number to  Anveo and have that forwarded to google voice , as I prefer the google voice answering program.   I have the cheapest Anveo account with the ported number which is not unlimited, but I would have to make a huge number of calls to go over.  Every thing ends up on my cell phone so I use that for many of my calls.  I think it might have more to do with what device you are using than the provider. I  use a Obihai 202   Again, I want to say that not being a VOIP expert, it took me some time to figure out how to get every thing to work together.

Some of my friends use phone power but do not use Zoiper.

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I use Google Voice in combination with simonics.com.

The setup with Simonics is a one time $5.99 and then you can use Googlevoice with Zoiper for free.

Works well and great support.

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