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I have installed the free version of Zoiper 3.9.32144 on my Windows 7 PC.  I am connected to a Mitel 3300 PBX.  I can initiate a call and everything works as expected.  When I receive a call I hear it ringing, but when I answer it I can't hear the other party and they can't hear me.

I've tried changing a few settings, but nothing changes.  I've had other softphones on this computer and they all run just fine.  I really like Zoiper though and would like to keep using it.



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Hello I have exactly the same problem with Windows 10 and Zoiper Biz version.

Did you find a solution ?


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I believe the issue is related to a misconfiguration for your network or provider, most likely changing the settings for rport and or stun will help.

Please have a look at this tutorial.

Although it is for android and you are on desktop, the steps are nearly identical for the desktop.


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Hi Joachim,

Thanks for the reply.  I've spent the last hour changing setting and making test calls and I can't get it to work.

Both X-Lite and Jitsi work fine on this PC (apart from being memory hogs).  They both run default settings and I just needed to add my SIP account details.

My Mitel 3300 PABX is behind a firewall, but there is no NAT.  The firewall only allows UDP transport for SIP.  Do you have any other ideas?


What firewall is this ? If it allows only udp transport for SIP, it sounds like it is trying to be too clever and rewriting the SIP packets :/

Can you do TLS on server port 443 ?

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