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I'm trying to open a URL sending the contact caller name, but $(callername) is actually showing the caller phone number instead...


It only happens with incoming external calls (from normal GSM phones). If I receive an internal call (from another extension) then it works fine!

Is it possible to get the caller contact name if the contact is already saved in Contact list?


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The caller name is shown in this way as the server sends the number as name as well. The issue is not with Zoiper.

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Ok, let's change the question a little bit...

1) May I suggest to add this feature in a future Zoiper Biz update? Actually it is posible to automate this because caller number and caller name appears in screen.

2) Or... is it possible to use the API for this?


Depending on the server setup, if the server is duplicating the number and using it for Name as well, Zoiper can not do anything to change that.

If you have saved the number to your contact list and set a "display name" for it, it will show the display name, however, for the link it will be used the parameter sent by the server.

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