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Long time Bria customer.  Use Plantronics Savi 400 series DECT headphones.  Just has not been stable.  Bought the Windows Biz version of Zoiper.  Can not get a headphone to work ( answer calls using the button on the headset.)

Have used with the plantronics hub installed and with it not installed on the computer.

Any Ideas ?  ( Have selected and tested each option in device)

Any specific headphone that will work   (Jabra 930 UC ?)


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Handsets with Yealink chipset and HID usb headsets should  be working just fine with Zoiper 3 Biz.

Jabra models were tested widely and they are also compatible.

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Does the Plantronics Savi 440 have the Yealink Chipset?

I have tried every combination on the device tab and nothing help.  My call control button becomes another mute button.   Any Ideas

Ever get it to work, Gary? I just bought the same headset you have, and I guess I should have Googled for compatibility first..

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