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Hi there,

I'm running latest Zoiper client on my ASUS Zenfone C and every thing are good except a problem with microphone: the volume-in very low. I have tried MizuDroid and Bria, they had mic control, i could adjust volume-in. Have you add a option like that for Android version?

Sorry for my bad English!

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I have the same problem with the mic... when i make a call, the other person can't ear me in good conditions but i can ear her very well.

My phone is a galaxy s4 (gt-i9505) with lollipop 5.0.1

The mic sound is very low that i can't make a phone call with zoiper... if i put my mouth near to the mic, in this case the sound is a bit better, but of course we can't make phone calls with the phone in a horizontal position.

Is urgent that the zoiper team make available a version with microphone gain control so we can continue using zoiper app.

I'm a zoiper gold... i paid for my version and for g729 codec and now i'm unable to use it.

I hope zoiper team could update the app very soon!


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