How do I get LDAP to work with a Grandstream UCM?

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Been trying to sync my Grandstream UCM LDAP with my Zoiper Biz PC Phone without success. Any help in what settings to use would be appreciated.

asked Nov 28, 2016 in Windows by bkburley (150 points)  

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I just succeeded in configuring the LDAP of our UCM6510 from Grandstream with ZoiPer version 5.4.5 for Windows.

Here are the fields required for your configuration:

  - Enable: checked

  - Authentication type: Simple

  - Hostname: IP or FQDN from your UCM

  - Username: leave empty

  - Password: leave empty

  - DC: dc = pbx, dc = com

  - Limit the number of search results to: the number that you want. (I put 20 for my case)

And in the Assign attribute section

  - First Name: FirstName

  - Last Name: LastName

  - Display Name: CallerIDName

  - Work Mail: Email

  - Work Phone: AccountNumber

  - Work Cell: MobileNumber

Save, leave a few seconds for the connection and you're done :)

answered Aug 6, 2020 by ITWavre (440 points)  
selected Aug 6, 2020 by Tsetso.Zdravkov
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Since Zoiper uses defined fields that does not coincide with the ones Grandstream UCM uses, I think there is nothing to do at this moment....

Im testing Zoiper H5 V 5.1.3 for Windows Beta 28, and there is no option to manual configure this fields so they can coincide with the ones must be recovered from the PBX...

In this link, here is the information about ldap, but I think this is related to Zoiper 3 for windows

Zoiper uses the following LDAP fields:

sn surname
givenName first name
mobile mobile phone number
homePhone home phone number
telephoneNumber telephone number
facsimileTelephoneNumber telephone number
mail email
xmpp jabber xmpp URI ( should be in the format )

answered Feb 28, 2017 by Jose Manuel PlanPc (160 points)  
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