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Zoiper does nor work properly receiving calls in background mode in IOS

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Can you be more specific about the issues you observe?

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Zoiper in IOS lost register in background mode, therefore incoming calls fail, I have tried using TCP to keep the socket open but the register is even lost.

Make sure you do not use keep alive on the server or zoiper could get killed. Other than that it should work reliably. It could fail for maximum 10 minutes if there was no network for a while.

In such case, zoiper would lose the TCP connection, have limited time to try to reconnect before being forced to sleep by ios and since there is no active TCP socket, not be notified about a new network change.

Hello, keep Alive in my server is not enabled, and I have seen that the zoiper lost register even with network on all the time.

Please also check the registration expiry on the server, it should be a minimum of a minimum of 10 minutes. If that doesn't work, please send us an email on support@zoiper.com with the exact model of phone, version of ios and if you connect on wifi or 3g/4g so that we can test the scenario in the lab.

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