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When a call is answered elsewhere Zoiper still claims that the call was missed.

I hope this is the right place to publish bugs. I tried it via e-mail a couple of times since months, but there was no reaction. I am wondering why there is no official bugtracker?

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This one here is not a bug tracker, it is a self-helping community.

If you have escalated the issue via email in the past, it should have been escalated to QA and DEV team by the support team;

I was unable to find your email in the RT system, you have most probablt sent the email from a different account.

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thank you for this "answer".

You say that this is not a bug tracker. Hmmm... in the current ZoiperH5 Beta release - at least for Windows - there is a link on the right side, which look like this:

Found a bug? Report it here

Clicking on the link will open http://community.zoiper.com/. So why do you guys send people to this side for reporting bugs if this is not the right place to report bugs?

I am somehow confused now.

I am still wondering why there is not a "normal" bug tracker. At least it would be fine if there was some reaction about a bug report (sent by e-mail), if it has confirmed or not, if it will be fixed or not and so on.

Dear Sir,
As I stated earlier - I was unable to find any tickets from the email you are using.
About the button you mentioned - I believe the link is wrong and I will take the needed measures to have it fixed.

When you send us emails, did you receive any emails back with a ticket number? That would be helpful to fins your reports.

Hello again,

you were right: I reported this bug in September 2016 from a different account. The ticket id was #186909.

The only answer that I ever got was the following auto reply:

You are receiving this auto-reply in response to your email regarding:

 "answered elsewhere", 

Your Request has been assigned an ID of #186909.

Please note that our ticketing system is reserved for our Zoiper BIZ & Premium customers.
Most of the queries are answered within one business day. 

If you are using one of our free products, please visit our community support forum:

As you can see: Even in this answer I am directed to go to this forum. In fact I am "only" a beta tester at the moment. I would like to purchase Zoiper H5 if it will eventually be released some time. 

I am just trying to help. But - as mentioned before - I am wondering if anybody is ever processing the bug reports.


Rüdiger Hahn

As I can see an answer was sent to your email. It seems you did not receive it. I will resend it.

All reports are being processed by a team of support agents and escalated to the QA team and Project managers, if the case requires it. There are lots of reports, requests and questions during a beta campaign. Sometimes our answer time might be a bit slow, however we are always doing our best to investigate each case in detail.

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