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I have zoioper installed on a windows laptop and android phone.  I have ensured they are both running the same codecs.  Call setup and audio work great, just no video.  The screens are black on both outgoing and incoming video.  Sometimes, if I press hold and open the call back up, I can see myself on the outgoing screen but nothing is received on the other end.  I have tried this with both endpoints on the same network and across the firewall with the same result.  Both are registered to a grandstream pbx with video enabled.  The grandstream hard phones work fine with video to each other.  I cannot get 2 zoiper clients to use video.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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I believe we have investigated this in the past and the issue was related with an incomplete implementation of the SDP on the grandstream PBX, they did not support dynamic codecs in the SDP back then, i don't know if they have made any fixes for this since,

We would need a packetcapture to investigate this further. 

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No problem.  What point of view would you like the capture from?  PBX, callee or caller?

It would be best to have the pcap from a pc running zoiper. You can email it to support@zoiper.com

Something else to watch out of, be sure to use TCP, not UDP when making video calls. When video is enabled, the invite packets get quite large and the UDP packets could arrive truncated, the video negotiation is done at the end of the packet and might be missing.

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