Zoiper Classic Free isn't work anymore with FreePBX

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Hello there,

Good day. I would like to know a info regarding Zoiper Classic Free. From Last couple weeks the soft-phone stooped working with  Asterisk (FreePBX). 

It was working great with my Freepbx box based on Cent-OS 6 minimal (VPS). but suddenly it stopped working couple weeks ago. I have tried using X-lite if there is anything wrong with asterisk server but I found its working. but as we have SIP port blocked by our govt. we have to use IAX extension for make life easier. 

When I register with IAX extension with Zoiper Classic. It shows registered. But when I try to place any calls it shows a message "bearer capability not avail" . Even if I call a local extension also same responce. 

I have tried looking over Internet if there is any issues with my server or Zoiper but fortunately I couldn't found any helpful information. 

Please do let me know if there is any issue using free zoiper, if not then please let me know how I can resolve this issue. Thanks in advance.
asked May 4, 2017 in General by Shajubaba (120 points)  

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Maybe you already fixed it, but I found that sending the caller number information helps in these cases.

I was checking with A13.



answered Sep 12, 2017 by Zwagerman (3,870 points)  
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