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Swisscom has opened the SIP accounts information and is allowing now to use "public" SIP logins (so not the "private" SIP accounts created on the Swisscom router).

I am looking for where to enter the informations I received from swisscom into zioper correctely?

I am trying with my laptop connected at home to the Swisscom router (through 2 Cisco routers)

Swisscom sent the following info per SMS:


Sie haben für die Festnetznummer +41?????????? die SIP Credentials angefordert. Ihr Authentifizierungsname lautet NC00000???????@swisscom.ch und Ihr Passwort ist ????????????????. Unter www.swisscom.ch/sip-credentials finden Sie mehr Information zur Verwendung der SIP Credentials.  Freundliche Grüsse Swisscom


on the Website I did find this following additional information

Domain   swisscom.ch
Outbound Proxy fs1.ims.swisscom.ch


in the Zioper Preferences I entered them in the following way:


Domain: swisscom.ch

username: NC00000???????@swisscom.ch

Password: ??????????????????

Caller ID Name: <left empty>

Outbound options

Auth. Username: NC00000???????@swisscom.ch <or left empty>

use outbound proxy [checked] <also tried unchecked>

Outbound Proxy: fs1.ims.swisscom.ch


I do the error message SIP 403 Forbidden 1102000201005001

Did anybody successfully register and can help? or any tips?

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Error 403 means the server is receiving your request but is refusing to fulfill it. It could be invalid username or password, invalid domain, insufficient credit, etc. Please contact your VoiP service provider for further assistance.

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