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Tengo problemas con la corte en un teléfono inteligente llamado Android, a 25-30 segundos de cualquier llamada terminada. Utilizando ambas datos móviles e inalámbricas.

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Sorry i can't write back in the same language, but i somewhat understood it i think :)

If the call drops after 25-30s, it means we did not receive a confirmation from the server that the call was answered. 

This means one of the packets is not arriving to zoiper, there are 2 likely reasons for that:

1) There is a problem with a NAT firewall. Try changing the settings for rport and/or stun for the account and try again.

2) Your router is pretending to be the smart kid on the block and is "optimizing the SIP packets". This is called SIP ALG or DPI (Deep packet inspection) or similar. The concept is not bad, but most routers are doing a really poor job and mess up the packets instead. Please check if the router has such a thing and disable it if it has.

The 3rd option is a misconfiguration on the server side, but that is less likely to happen.

Good luck!

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what do you suggest we do to solve this 

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