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Zoiper connects and 'Registers' on Wi-Fi , without any problem.

But, when I'm turning off Wi-Fi and switch to mobile data (outside..)  - can't register any more...

Who can advise ?

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i am having exactly same issue, i am on EE network in UK, and use www.voipfone.co.uk 

Zoiper connects and registers on WiFi but whenever i switch over to mobile data, it wont connect or register.

ive been trying to find solution to this, will have to look for alternative app if this cant be resolved

You can try to follow our guide regarding such issues here.

Hi everybody!

I'm have similar problem, so on WIFI working correct, but when I switched to 4G the Zoiper application tryed to register always tryed and trying, and then sayes: "Not registered". Who help us?

Best regards

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