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Is there a way to access to a CARD Dav service via Zoiper?

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Not directly I suppose. Right now on a Mac I have set up Zoiper to use the Mac OSX Contacts app, and the address book is exclusively writing and reading from a CardDAV account. So it kind of works.
The current downside of this is that I cannot edit my contacts in Zoiper, I have to edit them in the Mac Contacts app instead (or whereever I can edit a CardDAV contact). But it's a start for me.

Since things like Nextcloud are becoming more and more widely used and CardDAV support is becoming better on all the platforms I use (Mac, Ubuntu, Win), I have asked the Zoiper Sales about this. They answered pretty fast :-)

"Thank you for contacting Zoiper.
CardDav support is included into DEV plans already. Unfortunately we can't provide a time frame for implementation.

Kind Regards,
Dimitar - ZoiPer Team"

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On Linux there is no such solution as Zoiper does not read any address book provider on this platform. I totally depend on the Google Address book and this is not allowed in many work environments because of privacy issues.

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