Incoming calls continue to ring

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When I receive an incoming call, I click answer and can talk to the caller however the ringing continues loudly in the background and makes the call very difficult. I end up hanging up and calling them back.

Any suggestions?


asked Nov 28, 2017 in Windows by aarondodd (120 points)  


Which version are you using of Zoiper?



I'm having the same problem.

Phone version: Zoiper5 5.2.6 for Windows 32bit
Library revision: v2.8.63
Phone revision: 5.2.6_Windows
UI revision: 1.1.9

Hi Paul

Zoiper 5 5.2.6 for Windows 32bit



I have the same problem.

I thought that it was a problem of the FREE version so I bought the PREMIUM VERSION.

I have the last ZOIPER version  Zoiper5 5.2.6 for Windows 64bit - Windows 10

Here is the complete description of the problem:

-) You receive an incoming call 

-) the popup INCOMING CALL appears

-) You click on ACCEPT

-) the popup INCOMING CALL still remains

-) you start speaking but the phone still rings and the popup is still flashing

-) after some seconds the call ends

Thanks for your answers


The issue that you are experiencing could be NAT related. This means that Zoiper tries to respond to the incoming call with "200OK", but the respond from Zoiper cannot reach your server or the ACKnowledge from the server doesn't reach Zoiper for some reason. Thus the call cannot be negotiated.This usually happens due to some firewall or NAT(Network Address Translation).

Usually such issues could be caused by SIP ALG working on the router or the firewall of the routing device. We have an article describing how to possibly work-around this, here:

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