Call Handling - UI Challenges?

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Loving the new Android Zopier (v2.2.47 library 2.8.83-mod) on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on Android 6.0.1.  Good work.

This concerning experience of the UI for call handing in the new version of Zopier Android.

The call answering screen is much improved - thank-you.

But I find it hard to get to the "in-call" screen (the one where I can hang-up, put on speaker phone, mute etc.).

If Zopier is no longer front / active, I can always drag down the notifications list and tap the "in-call" notification.

But I don't understand why touching the Zopier icon on the Samsung Touchwiz home screen doesn't have the same result.  

Instead, it brings up the Zopier home screen, not the "in-call" screen.  And once at the Zopier home screen, I can't figure out how to bring up the "in-call" screen - shouldn't current in-progress calls be easily accessible inside the app?

Am I misunderstanding something?  Or is this buy design - if so why is it this way, or is an improvement #FeatureRequest

asked Feb 15 in Android by AntonyUpward (240 points)  


Still having this challenge - how can I reliably get back to the "in call screen" if I need to move out of Zoiper to (for example) look up something in my calendar?

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When you go to the home screen, to return back to the call, simply open the notification centre of your Android phone, there you will find a notification that you are currently in call. Simply tap on it and you will be returned. 

answered Sep 27 by Tsetso.Zdravkov (22,500 points)  

Yes I know and mentioned this. 

My question is I don't understand why touching the Zopier icon on the Samsung Touchwiz home screen doesn't also bring up in the in-call screen? 

 (More details in my original post) 

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