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I'm using ZoiPer together with Asterisk. To make an external call, we have to add 9 in front of the phone number (prefix). How to add it automatically when selecting a contact in ZoIper android software? When selecting a contact, it uses the standard phone number without the 9 prefix. For Asterisk, it means it is a internal phone call, not external.

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At your accounts details there is the Number Rewriting/Rewrite International Options/Other section where you can add the 9 prefix.

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First you will need to configure Global Number Rewriting, so your Zoiper will know where you are located.
Please run your Zoiper for Android, then go to Config and select Number Rewriting.
Select your country from the list.
Now you need to go back, select Accounts and then select the account you will be using.
Scroll down to Number rewriting.
You can choose from a list of prefixes or add your own prefix.

Hello guys! 

I have an extension (4 digits length) from a Cloud PBX provider. To reach an external/public number I must to add "0" prefix in each dialing, always!

I´ve tried to do that way already explained above, but I think it only works for international calls. I need to add "0" for every external call. Any help, idea ? 



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