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As per Zoiper own instructions to install Zoiper, during my installation Zoiper 5 setup did not present the option "Start Zoiper5 with Windows" I absolutely want Zoiper to auto start with Windows, even after a re-boot, a restart, a shutdown, or even from sleep. Zoiper will be my main phone, and I need to be notified at all times in calls are coming in ?

Thanks for your help.

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This option has been removed from the installer with the latest release, however you can find it under Zoiper 5 -> Settings- > Automation -> "Start Zoiper5 with the operating system".

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Thanks, that did it, however at start, as I set in settings, it does not start minimized into the tray, I get this giant splash screen first, asking me if I want to continue as a free user ?

Are you using Zoiper5 Pro or Free ? 

I think this should appear only once. 

Free, saw the price, I am unsure to pay that much, for a softphone, it's ok, but not great, I think they completely over priced it, not great value, so I am debating to purchase it ? 

Probably this is the reason why you are seeing this on startup. 

With Zoiper5 Pro, those nagging banners do not exist.

Because I am Canadian, and the "upgrade to Pro" keeps bringing me to the UK, that $39.95 would actually cost me $70 CAD... WTF? for a softphone ?


The Price 39.95 is in US $, I am not sure how much is that in canadian dollars, however the prices are calculated on the fly according to the exchange rate towards the Euro(as I know). Please note that additional local taxes may also apply.  If you are have any questions regarding the prices, you should contact our sales team here: https://www.zoiper.com/en/contact

Thank you, that was great info, however your website needs to be fixed, it showed up in Euro for me, however it did charge me Canadian... I do have another question... I find when there is an incoming call, the "ringing" isn't loud enough... it isn't on par with other system sounds on my Surface Pro 4 on Windows 10 Spring Creator's Update build 1803... please show me how to fix that... in system tray, sound mixer, Zoiper isn't even an option.

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