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Hello, we have IP-PBX Yeastar MyBPX U100. I want connect Zoiper(Android) to PBX via TLS. There is one problem, on PBX i enabled the "TLS client varification" option and now when i'm trying to register i get that message in PBX console: 

WARNING[11858]: tcptls.c:171 handle_tcptls_connection: No peer SSL certificate

It tells me that i need to upload Zoiper's certificate to PBX trusted certificates, how can i do that? Can i make my own cert using OpenSSL and upload it to Zoiper? Is there any solution?
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Zoiper for Android does not support uploading of custom client certificates. However if the server pushes a self-signed certificate, on Zoiper you will see a pop-up asking you if you want to add it to the exception list.

Hello, thank you for response!

Understood. But we have "TLS client varification" on our PBX, how can i verify Zoiper if it does not support uploading custom client cerificates? I read somewhere that Zoiper have it's own self-signed certificate, may be i can download it somehow and tell PBX to trust it?


I have the same problem with TLS client verification with my SIP_GATEWAY

Did you find a solution? 

Many Thanks

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Hey guys,

looking also for the solution to this issue with client certificates.
Is there any solution available in the meantime?

Many thanks

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