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I'm having real problems with Zoiper on iPhone, It seems to connect fine and stay connected for about 15 minutes, but then the registration disappears.

I've looked at a bunch of help articles, but nothing seems to resolve the problem.

Any advice?

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Have you enabled the PUSH notifications ?

Is this the same PUSH that requires a subscription? Then no.

But then PUSH isn't enabled on Android, and that works just fine

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I have the same problem. Bought the app, configured, runs from 5 to 15 minutes and disconnects. Support in sleep mode in settings is enabled. PUSH notifications is turned off, because you have to pay for it again.

What are the options for normal operation in the background? At the moment the application does not work normally.

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The only way for Zoiper to receive calls while is put on background, is the PUSH notifications or you need to have a phone which using iOS 10 or older. Since iOS 11, our "workaround" for Zoiper on background does not work reliably.

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What's the cost for the push notification service?

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Extractly having the same question. Both iPhone 8 and SE. So, it does not worth paying for app ?

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Only the PUSH service can help on iOS.

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