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When zoiper is running it disables the volume control buttons of the iPhone.

The only way to fix this is turn off the iPhone and turn it back on: then the volume control buttons would work again.

This is latest iOS 9, but was the same with iOS 8 as well.

How could that be fixed?

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What is the exact iOS device you use? What are the settings you use for the notifications? What transport type is used by Zoiper for your account (you can check it in the Network Settings section from the account configuration)?

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I'm still experiencing issue below. What would be next steps to resolve it?

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- this is a iPhone 6

- where exactly would I find the notification settings you are looking for?

- I'm using UDP since my SIP provider does not support TCP

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Hello, the notifications settings can be found from the iOS settings menu on the main iOS screen. Once you open it, go to "Notifications" and find Zoiper.

I checked: all notifications for Zoiper are turned on.


After a lot of testing on multiple devices the issue was not reproduced. Is it possible to describe in details the exact behaviour of the application? Can you provide some step by step explanation for reproducing? Which exact version of Zoiper you use?

You can find the latest versions of Zoiper for iOS from the following links:



Can't run any test due to a new bug:


Not happy :-(

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