Zoiper Premium reports to be registered yet is unable to place or receive calls

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  I'm using Zoiper Premium on Android to connect to an Asterisk PBX using IAX2 (as this is firewall friendlier than SIP). The problem is that even though Zoiper reports it registered Asterisk reports it as offline. When I reregister manually, it is OK again. For a while...

This happens both on WIFI and G3/4. And with Zoiper Lite too.

Has someone else seen this phenomenon?

Info: Zoiper Premium 2.6.39, Asterisk 13.22.0, Android 7.1.1, Sony Xperia Z5 (E6653).

Kind regards, Edgar.

PS Where are Zoiper's  log files located? /storage/emulated/0/zoiper/log is empty.

asked Jan 3 in Android by edgarm1964 (160 points)  

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