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I leave my PC on most of the time and use it at various times through the day. Sometimes I get nuisance calls in the evening I don't often get legitimate calls, and when I do I'm at the computer waiting for them. 

I would like a way to automatically turn on Busy mode so that calls are rejected during certain hours. Is this possible?

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You cannot schedule a certain hour for DND. However, as a workaround I can suggest that you try the "Auto reject calls if status is set to:" feature. This feature can be found under Zoiper -> Settings -> Automation. Add a checkmark to enable the feature and select for example "Busy" status from the boxes below. Now, every time when you manually set Zoiper into 'Busy', all calls will be rejected.

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What I decided to do in the end was use Windows Task Scheduler to automatically open Zoiper in the morning and close it in the evening. 

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This is a very clever workaround. : ))

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