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I was experiencing problems with mobile devices failing to register and eventually found the PUSH service was the problem.  This occured over WiFi and 4G.  Service needs to be more reliable than this.  Any updates or suggestion on work arounds other than to stop using PUSH ?

Thanks all.

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Can you clarify what error you are receiving ?

This is exactly my situation -- sadly still in 2022, 3 years later.

I purchased PUSH which is from what I'm reading and experiencing, not robust and prone to instability. 

With PUSH on and working then yes it does exactly what it's designed to do.

With PUSH on it is also prone to "just" dropping registration with no warning and sitting unregistered and missing calls for hours or even days. Only resolution that I've noticed is the cycle the network or app, or phone. It never seems to come back on its own or when I directly try to push re-registration.

So I'm seriously considering dropping Zoiper's PUSH service altogether because why bother if it's so inconsistent and causes constant uncertainty?

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I have a similar problem, It seems that switching connections (i.e. a handover between a spotty Wifi and 4G) sometimes may cause Zoiper to fail to register, but when Push is active, the problem becomes exacerbated. The phone indicator claims registration is successful, but it is not, and an attempted call is rejected by the SIP server because of no registration.

Without Push, it seems Zoiper is more able to resolve the issue and re-register successfully, while with Push, it remains unregistered until restart, and with no indication that incoming calls are unsuccessful.

For me, this precludes the use of Push Server. In fact I lost my money paying for the service that I thought would be great, but in fact creates trouble.

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