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I have the newest version of linux Mint and classic Zoiper on him. When I turn on Zoiper classic I don't heare any souds just conversations on Zoiper. What Can I do?


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Zoiper Classic on Linux is using Alsa. This is why only one instance can use the audio device. Try using Zoiper3 - it supports Pulseaudio.

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Thanks for answer but Zoiper3 (sorry for that but...) is unstable, that's why we use Zoiper Classic. Is chance to change options or something connected with sounds in Zoiper Classic? I would like to let users listen music or watch movies.

Could you help me?



This issue is not caused by Zoiper, it is related to the alsa system. At the moment we do not plan to implement pulseaudio support for Zoiper Classic.

We are working on the new Zoiper5 for Linux that will not have the issue. I can not provide an exact time-frame at the moment. Please send us an email to labs@zoiper.com if you would like to be notified when the first builds for Linux are available.

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