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Hi, I have read through this forum many comments to a similar problem, but found no solution.

I am running Zoiper on an iPhone with iOS 12.2, using TCP transport, SIP protocol. Against all statements I have found, the phone does not re-register after the registration expiry, when running in the background, i.e. 10 minutes after the registration I get unregistered. According to the SIP server log, the next registration occurs only after I put Zoiper to foreground again.

This happens independently of the setting of "Force background" - which, anyways, is said to be relevant only for UDP transport.

Can the "Use push notifications" solve the problem? Somehow I cannot find any reasonable information what this setting (and buying the subscription, wow) really means...

Btw. using the transport to TLS does not change anything on this behaviour (which I rather expected).

Any help?


      --- Tom

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Hi Tom,

After iOS 11+, the apps are no-longer allowed to work on background on iOS.

The only workaround are the PUSH notifications which you can find under the "Premium Features" menu in Zoiper.

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Hi @ Tsetso

We are in the process of trialling different SIP clients for recommending to our end customers.

What Tom is experiencing is exactly what we've found after a couple of hours of iOS testing. Android is fine.

In essence, the Lite version of app is no use for the most basic of featrures - receiving a call unless you pay for the Premium version, is that honestly what you are saying?

I understand charging for G729 and other advanced features but to have the primary function of the software not work under the base version seems ... crazy? Am I missing something obvious here?


Hi Neil,

The PUSH notifications became practically mandatory for the iOS devices since iOS11, because of the new Apple requirements. There is nothing we can do about this, unfortunately.

The PUSH service infrastructure requires very large investment from our side and because of the fact that most service providers have different server-settings we are constantly in need to develop it further and change its behavior. Now Apple is changing the rules of the game again and we have to rewrite a lot of stuff. Because of that, we are unable to offer the PUSH service for free. You can use it as an addition to Zoiper Lite, without the need of purchasing Zoiper Premium or anything else. We have tried keeping the price as low as possible.

Please also keep in mind that the SIP protocol was never initially intended to work with PUSH, so we are doing R&D that nobody else did before. Our PUSH currently is not a simple server that keeps your registration on it with your credentials. We are proxying your traffic and that way we keep your privacy.

I suggest that you take a look here: https://www.zoiper.com/en/support/home/article/205/Zoiper_Push_Proxy

We have also written something small of what is to be expected because of the new regulations from Apple, here: https://www.zoiper.com/en/support/home/article/224/Push_notifications_-_iOS

I'm having this same issue with iOS 13.3.1 with push enabled.

Nothing in anything I've found to date had helped the phones GET phone calls.  When I 'wake' the phone up, Zoiper is unregistered and often takes a while to get registered.


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