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       Mobile:Samsung J4 plus * 2
             OS:Android 8.1.0
      version:Zoiper Pro
SIP Server:Asterisk 16.2.1

Description:When wifi restarts, Zoiper Pro can't call out, but incoming call can answer normally.

After the phone restarts, the zoiper pro can be called out normally.


Question:Why is Zoiper Pro registered after wifi restart, but can't call out?

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Hello WWilliamLu,

Could you clarify the exact Zoiper version with which you are testing so I can forward this to our QA team ?

Hello Zdravkov,

Zoiper for Android debug log ZoiPer Premium 2.8.15 

Library revision: v2.9.2 

Manufacturer: samsung 

Brand: samsung 

Model: SM-J415GN 

Android: 8.1.0

Need me to provide Log information to QA team analysis?

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Hey WilliamLu,

Thanks to your feedback we have made a fix for this case. 

It will be released with one of our next updates. Please bear with us.

Thanks for letting us know about this and the additional assistance!

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