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Good evening.

Let's suppose i have 3 SIP extension registered, SIP 1 (Doctor extension), SIP 2 (Teacher extension) and SIP3 (lawyer extension). The telephone 4004 calls SIP 1, 3003 calls SIP 2 and 1001 calls SIP 3. Will I be able to know which telephone number called each sip extension, so I would be able to know if the call was for the doctor, or to the teacher, or to the lawyer, and return the call properly?

I mean, will I have 3 different HUD of contacts and lost call for each SIP extension registered on Zoiper Pro version? For example, i'm in SIP one and I see the lost calls of SIP 1, then 1 change to SIP 2 and i see the lost calls of SIP 2.

I really want to buy the pro version of Zoiper. Do all SIP extensions registered work at the same time? 

asked May 28, 2019 in General by danielnascimento (170 points)  

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You will have one HUD and one contact list. However all SIP accounts will work simultaneously. You will be able to receive calls on all of them. But you will have one history.

answered May 28, 2019 by Tsetso.Zdravkov (34,270 points)  
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