Bug when switch Access Point

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At our company we have a 3 unifi AP, due to the large area of the warehouse.

And i'm testing Zoiper in my android phone (THL T6S kitkat) to check if we can start using as a replacement for other phones. Our PBX is a MyPBX U-100 (asterisk).

The first connection works ok, and as long as i don't lose wifi signal, or switch to another AP, everything is ok.

But if i lose the wifi signal (and get it once again) or switch to another AP i'm unable to receive/make calls. And if i exit and start the application again, it doesn't even register in the pbx. But in the meanwhile, i have internet access (for google for example).

If i restart the phone, it all works again until i switch to another AP.

Can you help?


asked Sep 29, 2015 in Android by Pedro Araujo (120 points)  

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Hello. Please try using TCP transport, enable wi-fi keepalive, disable stun and rport for your account if  needed.

answered Sep 29, 2015 by Katina (23,910 points)  

Thanks for the reply.

If i change to TCP, it doesn't register in the pbx. The keep alive is default (other option is disable). Stun is already disabled. Didn't found rport option.

It sounds like android does not notify us about the network change. please contact us on support@zoiper.com so that they can ask you for debug logs.

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