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since a while I am facing the problem that Zoiper shows all app screens in italian language. It's functionality is not affected.

My iOS device runs in german language settings. The only realtion to italian is that i am using an italian keyboard. I deleted the italian keyboard (and all others too), but to no avail.

Hope that someone has a clue.

Thanks, any help greatly aprechiated


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Have you used Italian language on your device before? If yes, then Zoiper will appear in Italian, although the device is using German at the moment. As a solution you may try to configure the device to use English, then to start Zoiper so Zoiper can apply the language settings and then to make the device to use German. That way Zoiper will be in English, since the German is not implemented at the moment.

You may also participate into the translation process of Zoiper from here:


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thanks for the advice. It worked fine, after I followed your recommendations.

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