Network change results in registration failure (30%)

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Pixel 2 XL
ZoiPer 2.8.39 (but it's the same with any version)
"Push service" subscribed, enabled
Enabled networks: wifi, 4G

Problem: when I leave home (wifi) and the phone switches to 4G, in 30% of cases Zoiper FAILS to re-connect, MISERABLY. It tries for hours, killing the battery. Sometimes returning to wifi helps, sometimes it does not.

Manual SIP-account enable/disable inside ZoiPer does not help. Manual exit/restart of ZoiPer does not help. 

The only workaround I found - go to system-settings->ZoiPer->app-info, then FORCE STOP, and restart ZoiPer. This way it reconnects immediately in 100% of cases. 


asked 5 days ago in Android by Eugene Bogorad (200 points)  


There are improvements for the roaming of networks in Zoiper Beta, could you try it ?


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