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I was suddenly (after three years with no problems whatsoever) unable to use my Zoiper phone. I have a local company that hosted it, so I contacted them. They advised an uninstall and re-install. Now that I have uninstalled it - I cannot find my version again. It had a skin like an actual phone. I have tried downloading "Zoiper Classic" and Zoiper 5 - but neither is the right one. Can I get my old Zoiper back? With my configuration information and contact list? I had a desktop version, where I am running Windows 8. I tried looking for it in "system Restore" but for some reason I don't understand, it wasn't there... Can anyone help?

I am pretty sure by provider has no clue. I called them when I re-installed Zoiper Classic - but they were unable to help... 

I am in Canada.

asked Nov 12, 2019 in Windows by imagocorvi (120 points)  


Maybe you have used Zoiper3 with one of its custom skins.

Try downloading it from here:

Thanks so much - I downloaded Zoiper Classic - but can't seem to find how to change the skin. Is there something I have to add?

At any rate this is better than Zoiper 5 which harasses you to upgrade every time you use it! 

I also lost all of my contacts. Do you know any way I can get them back?


Zoiper classic does not have skins, locate Zoiper3 on the link I have provided.

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