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Hi, Zoiper Community!

I have an Asterisc server, which is configured to use TLS. I have set up a free SSL certificate from www.startssl.com. My Certificate Chain is : My Private Certificate --> Class 1 Intermediate Server CA --> StartCom Root CA.

I have concatenated My Private Certificate and Class 1 Intermediate Server CA in one .pem file and specified it as tlscertfile=/etc/asterisk/keys/asterisk.pem in Asterisk configuratin. The StartCom Root CA is specified as a CA option tlscafile=/etc/asterisk/keys/ca.crt.

This configuration succesfully works with Zoiper for Android/Windows/Linux and Bria for IOS. Sip clients verify certificate chain and everything goes fine.

BUT, when i try setting up a Zoiper for IOS, I get "Certificate Validation Failure(503)". If I accept the "not validated" certificate, I still have a problem. When I try to call someone, I get "Not acceptable here (488)" error.

I'm looking for help and an explanation of my problem.

Many thanks in advance!

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Hello, Could you please share which is the exact version of Zoiper that you are using?

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Error 488 is returned from the server. Please check with your VoIP provider. As for the certificate you would need to ignore its validation, because probably it is a self-signed one.

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I have same iisue. On android it work, on windows phone i have certificate validation failure. On IPhone Not acceptable here. 

On windows desktop is workin great.

Zoiper on WinPhone

Did you resolve it?

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You will need to use the "Proceed anyway" option from the certificate validation when it prompts.

On windows phone Zoiper didn't show this dialog. On android it works.

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