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All outgoing calls on my Samsung S4 Mini terminate with a Forbidden (403) message. There is no fault on my SIP provider's side because I can make calls from the Zoiper Windows desktop version using the same account settings and details.

Some history: I have struggled for 2 days trying to get this account to register at work on a fibre circuit (despite opening all ports on my Draytek firewall) but there was no problem registering at home on conventional broadband. The physical IP phones were fine at work so I checked their registration settings and discovered they used an outbound proxy server. I used the same outbound proxy details on Zoiper on my Samsung and it registered immediately. Now I can't make calls.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you


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Do you tried to make calls from the same LAN where the IP phones are working? Or from your home?

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When you make calls from the Windows desktop version, do you use the same outbound proxy?

Or works also without that?

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Hello Mohammad, thank you for taking the time to answer.

All calls from the Samsung were made on the same LAN and the working desktop version of X-Lite is using the same proxy server. None of the softphones register without an outbound proxy setup.

I have had some progress. After closing the desktop version (which uses the same account) I can make calls from my mobile and the call connects but neither myself nor the person calling can hear anything.

Thanks again


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