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my headhones won't work, I have done the audio wizard & speaker test, however I am connecting to calls, I have done a couple of restarts and changed devices and Zoiper states it can not configure, yet on Friday al was working and I changed nothing

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Which is the exact version of Zoiper that you are using?

Are you using a usb headset or a headset with connectors?

Is the problem that the device can not be configured, or there is no audio?

version = 3.6 25251 32 bit   library revision 25476

The head set has connectors directly into the desktop computer

I have tried inserting a USB connector into the desk top the inserting the headphone connecters in the the USB  microphone / headphone sockets and that did not work.

The speakers can not be  be configured here is the message

"We are sorry but we could not rconfigure your speakers .  Although you will not be able to use Zoiper for audio calls you will still be able to talk to your contacts by using the chat function"

Are you using Windows 8 or 7?

Windows 10.

also we just tried un installing Zoiper then re installing it, the sound test worked but when I made a call I could hear the recipient but they could not hear me 

If using a SIP account, disabling STUN and / or Rport (or enabling it, depending on its current state) could help.

Please open settings -> Preferences;
click on Accounts;
select your account from the list on the left;
click on Advanced;
enable or disable STUN;
save the changes and try to recreate the issue.

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