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Latest iOS release which I just downloaded is completely screwed up. As soon as I select any phone number in my list of contacts, tab the 'phone' icon on the right hand of the phone number this will happen:

               - it takes me back to the list of all contacts for a split second (why?)

               - next the phone screen is rolled in for 1-2 seconds

               - and then it takes me back to the lists of contacts without any dialing at all This happens to any number on my contacts list no matter if they are preceded with '+49' or not.

Right now Zoiper for iOS is completely unusable. What's going wrong there?

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Can you please contact us on support@zoiper.com with the telephone number we can reach you on ?

We have a handful of such reports but cannot reproduce it so far.

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OK, I just sent email

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Thanks, my colleagues from the support team will contact you.

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