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Please help! I am trying to make a call with Zoiper and the phone line keeps dropping; it will say opening port, early media, show that a call is being made.... but I can't hear it ringing and apparently the other person can hear me, but I can't hear them. When I restart my computer, Zoiper seems to function again. What is going on? I can't keep dropping calls as my job depends on it. Is it an internet issue? Computer issue? Please help.

I have Windows 10, Toshiba Satellite, free AVG. It doesn't seem to be a firewall issue as I did have someone look at that.

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If using a SIP account, disabling STUN (or enabling it, depending on its current state) could help.

Please open settings -> Preferences;
click on Accounts;
select your account from the list on the left;
click on Advanced;
enable or disable STUN;
save the changes and try to recreate the issue.

Please also disable STUN globally for the application by following these steps:
- open settings -> preferences -> advanced -> network sub-tab -> STUN options

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Thank you. I see options, but no "settings." And under options, I don't see preferences.

Hello, if using Zoiper Classic you need to open Options, then select your account and activate "show advanced options"

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