Never got incoming call to work on Android

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I started using Zoiper on a tablet last December. I use several sipgate accounts and accept the default account settings and enter user / pass. Accounts register and I can make outgoing calls but I have never been able to receive a single call. I now have a new S6 and I really need to start using VoIP. Same problem with S6. I had all accounts working perfectly on old iPhone and they work with PC software. Just Zoiper not working!

Zoiper 1.36

Android 6.0.1


asked May 5, 2016 in Android by andyhuk (120 points)  
reshown May 5, 2016 by Joachim

Please do a search on the forum before asking a question.


Thank you for your reply.

Searched the forum before even registering for all 'incoming' in title.

Looked at 'Android client not accepting incoming calls after update' - not relevant as, as stated, I have had this problem since December. Disabled stun anyway (and have done so in the past) but no change.

Looked at several other posts one saying make sure I am properly registered and that no other connections exist. Yes, and yes. Again, all tried in the past.

Could you, helpfully, point me to the post that solves my problem as I cannot seem to find it?

Thanks, Andy.

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