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I purchased the pro version from the android store because i thought it was supposed to have an auto answer option but i can't seem to find it in the app on my phone. can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.


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Zoiper for Android does not support Auto-answer at the moment.

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Is it something that is supported now or do you have any short plan for this?


Auto-answer is already available on Zoiper for Android. It can be found under Zoiper -> Settings -> Calls.

I just looked at my Zoiper on Android (Zoiper 2.6.39) and there is not "Zoiper -> Settings -> Calls"

Are you sure it's available on Android? Is there a Pro version ?

Check again, it is there. :)

On which version? I don't have a zoiper update available on google play

Since Zoiper 2.5.x, the latest is 2.6.39

I'm using 2.6.39 and I dont have it, if I go to settings I have:

- accounts

- audio

- video

- connectivity

- customize

- contacts

- advanced

There is no Calls section, as mentioned in this thread. Is it on a pro version or I m not looking at the right place?

Maybe you are using Zoiper Lite, it does not have this option and it is hidden. It is part of Zoiper Premium/ Gold.

Thanks indeed I didn't install ZoiperBeta, as it was `beta` it didn't look like the one to install.

I can now find that feature. Thanks for the help!

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Thank you!!!!!

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