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Everytime I try to make a call on my android phone, the client gives a 404 - not found error. There is nothing wrong with the VoIP settings. 

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the issue was resolved by changing the codec preferences for the account

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Can you check with your provider if any specific prefix is needed when dialing? You might have to remove +, or replace it with something, or even remove the complete country code.
The SIP 404 is returned when there is something wrong with the number/extension you are trying to dial and the server cannot process it.

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when calling International , Yes. We would need the country specific prefix. But within UK, No. I have not selected a country as of now. I just dial the number as it is and it still wont let me make the call.

Hey Anton. 

The problem was with the audio codec. Thanks for the insight though!. 


Good to know that it is working now. However, the message that is returned by the server is a bit misleading. SIP 404 is standardized response in case of an incomplete/wrong number/username. Anyway, it is always best to consult with the provider in case of a SIP 4xx response, as they will be able to assist better.

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