Zoiper on iOS - Keeps Unregistering despite me buying the Push Notification

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Some details here.

iOS Version: 11.3.1     (iPhone 6)

Using Zoiper for phone calls over the VOIP.ms service. Paid for Push Notifications (proxy protocols on SIP, and Push Transport on TCP). Force Background and Wi-Fi Keep Alive are both enabled. 

My issue is that if I turn Zoiper on for the first time, it usually says "Not Ready" in red, then rapidly turns green and says 'ready' as it successfully registers. If I try to use it then, perfect. 


But it seems to keep de-registering. I tried to give a call onto Zoiper after 2 hours to ensure it still worked - but Zoiper never ran. I turned it on in my iPhone - and it first said "not ready" in red first before successfully re-registering. 

Is there any solution to this? I bought Push Notifications because I thought this would help - but it hasn't. I made sure that the account registered with Zoiper was using TCP for Transport (under Accounts, Network Settings) - that didn't seem to work.

Is there any trick whatsoever to making sure that Zoiper stays registered? I'm at a loss as to what the point of the service is if I can't be SURE that I will get my incoming calls.


asked Feb 5 in iOS by NewZoiperUser (120 points)  


After you have purchased the PUSH service, have you enabled it from the "Incoming calls" menu ? 

Have you also tried enabling TCP +RTP for PUSH protocols and settings the PUSH transport to TLS ?

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