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We have a user that is visually impaired that is using Zoiper Biz. The problem is that the application is not compatible with JAWS screen reading program. I've been unable to find a keyboard shortcut or alternate way of hanging up on a call except by the red terminate call button. Is there another way or an option that we have missed? 

Thank you.

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thank you for your request. We will escalate it to the attention of our developers.

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Any news on an updated version or ETA for this hotkey?

Thank you.

Hello, we are unable to provide an estimated time frame.

I would love to see this also.

I would love this too.... it's really frustrating to have to click on the tiny hangup button every time

Dear Developer

Please implement such a feature soon. We would love to buy about 35 Zoiper Licences for our company - but we need do ensure the workflow of our employees. During a call we work on our desk, so everytime we end a call, we need to switch from our desk to zoiper to end the call. Would be very great if a shortcut to end the call would work, even zoiper is in the background/systray.

Thanks in advance!

Wow, this has been on the Long Term To-Do List for a very long time.  Frankly, I do not understand why it has not already been implemented.  Anyone who uses Zoiper on the desktop requires this.  Zoiper is not really a commercially viable product without it.

We urgently need Keyboard Shortcut Keys (Hot Keys) for:

  1. Hangup, 
  2. Unattended Transfer, 
  3. Attended Transfer, 
  4. Record,
  5. Mute/Hold,
  6. Focus

If Zoiper had these, I would consider it to be a world class, top shelf desktop softphone.  However, without them, it is a secondary, backup softphone not suitable for a production environment.

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